Can I Use Bonsai Soil for Succulents? Easy Answer [2023]

Soil is a fundamental part of plants. If you analyze the soil you will see there are different types of soil and different types of plants. Some plants grow well in watery conditions. Some grow well in dry conditions. Each type of plant requires a different condition of the soil. Today we will tell you if you can use bonsai soil for succulents or not.

Whether it’s about bonsai or succulents, the importance of soil comes first. The growing time, nutrition system, and lifespan of your plant hugely depend on soil management.

Proper soil management has a good drainage system, air circulation, moisturized soil, and high nutrition values. There are different types of soil mixtures. Each plant individually needs different requirements.

Now, you might be a fan of houseplants and want to have both succulents and bonsai together. To reduce your hustle can you use the bonsai soil for succulents?

Yes, you definitely can use bonsai soil for succulents. Bonsai soil makes an ideal option for your succulents. As they have a good drainage system, better air circulation, and water management options.

Can I Use Bonsai Soil for Succulents
Can I Use Bonsai Soil for Succulents

An Ideal Succulent soil mixture

Nowadays, succulents are quite well known in houseplant cultures. They can easily go through short drought periods. Too much water may harm their root system. Which will lead the root to rot. They need moisturized soil with a proper drainage system.

Soil mix:

River Sand: River sand allows your soil proper drainage. River sands can absorb water easily, it makes the structure of your soil. Don’t use beach sands. Because they are salty. Succulents can’t adjust to salty conditions. Use river sands or normal sands.

Old Compost: Your plant will need nutrition as it grows. And to supply nutrition, old compost is better. For succulents, they don’t need a lot of nutrition. They need only a minimum amount. That’s why I recommend old compost. As an alternative,e you can use well-digested manure.

Perlite:  Perlite can absorb water. It’s not highly dense. Time after time when you keep adding water to your plant your soil may get clogged, resulting in compactness.  That will be a problem for aeration for roots. Perlite will allow roots to proper aeration.

Cocopeat: Succulents don’t like watery soil. But it also can’t adjust to dry soil. You have to keep your soil moisturized over time. That’s why add Cocopeat. Cocopeat is dry coconut fiber. Add water with dry coco peat before mixing it with soil. Cocopeatcano holds water. It will keep your soil moisturized.

The proper proportion of adding this subtracts River sands: Old compost: Perlite: Cocopeat – 1 : 1 : .5 : .5

An Ideal Bonsai soil mixture

Akadama: Akadama is specially produced clay for bonsai purposes. They are manufactured in Saitama, Japan. Akadama can retain water and nutrients. Also allows free drainage.

Pumice: Pumice is a type of volcanic rock. It can absorb water and nutrients. When used in bonsai soil it works well as a water retainer.

Lava rock: Lava rock ensures bonsai soils are structured. Roots can’t grow into them. It provides both good drainage and moisture retention. It improves soils aeration management. 

Why can you use bonsai soil for succulents? 

Bonsai soil ensures you three good qualities.

  • Good aeration 
  • Good water retention 
  • Good drainage 

And succulents also need these features. Succulents can’t bear watery soils. They can adjust easily with moisturized soil. Succulents also need a good drainage system. Extended water leads their roots to rot. 

They don’t need much care like other houseplants. But most of the time they died of extended water and lack of good drainage, and aeration systems. They need water retention for a short time. 

Can I Use Bonsai Soil for Succulents
Bonsai Soil for Succulents

Bonsai soil has a good structure. It can provide all the nutrients for succulents from time to time. As proper bonsai soil ensures these facilities, provides proper requirements for succulents. That’s why you can grow succulents on bonsai soil.

How long does it take for succulents to grow?

It depends on the types of succulents you are growing. Generally, it took 3 days to a few weeks to grow from seeds. You may propagate them from leaves and stems also. It will take less time.


Bonsai requires specially mixed soil to grow. But succulents can grow easily in dry conditions. They do not like wet soil. Neither is too dry. Slightly dry soil is suitable for them. 

As long as succulents meet their criteria, they can easily grow in bonsai soil. Besides, bonsai soil fulfills succulents’ idle soil requirements. So you can grow succulents in bonsai soil.