Does Mushroom Tea Lose Potency? Direct Answer (2023)

A cup of tea can refresh your mind at any time of the day. And if your tea comes with high nutrition, it is a double win for you.

I often see people get confused over the fact that when we make mushroom tea do we get the full nutritional values of mushrooms? Or does mushroom tea lose potency?

Some people say you lose 50% of the potency, some people say you don’t. Today we are going to clarify this. We will tell you what mushroom tea is, does mushroom tea lose potency, the caffeine level of Mushroom tea and other nutrition, and some other important questions as well.

What is mushroom tea?

There are many ways to consume mushrooms. Shroom tea is one of the ceremonial or ritualistic ways to do it. Shroom tea is a special kind of infusion which is made from mushroom powder.

Normally dry mushrooms are used to make mushroom tea. There are many different ways to make mushroom tea but the process mainly varies depending on how you use hot water.

Does mushroom tea lose potency? 

But the thing is, yes, you do lose some potency by making shroom tea. When you put them into boiling water they lose some of their strength at 100°C or so. Because the less stable psilocin decay at that temperature. Psilocybin is more resistant than that. 

So if you want to store your mushrooms’ strength as much as possible you can follow some methods.

  • Grind your mushrooms in a coffee grinder. 
  • Boil the water separately. Then pour hot water through grinded mushrooms and other ingredients. 
  • You can add some Ginger, mint, or honey to give it a nice flavor.
  • Then filter it to only get the fresh tea.
  • At last, add the tea pack. 

Remember the darker tea will be more potent. Adding food-grade citric acid might be a good option if you are not that tensed about flavor. Actually, the shrooms don’t lose that much potency. It’s a very small amount and hard to demonstrate. By following those simple steps you can reduce the risks. Don’t boil your mushroom in water for a long period.

Does Mushroom Tea Lose Potency
Does Mushroom Tea Lose Potency?

Caffeine level of Mushroom tea and other nutritions

Mushrooms are well known for their medicinal properties. The caffeine level of mushroom tea is zero. Mushroom tea can boost your stamina and immune level. If you add mushrooms to caffeinated drinks it can boost strength.

One of the benefits of taking mushroom tea is that it can reduce stress and help you to focus more. Mushroom sugars contain a variety of chemicals. 

Mushroom tea is effective in reducing anxiety. So, anyone who suffers from depression, and stress can take shroom tea. Mushrooms act as a preventative and cure for many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, dysentery, hair loss, cancer, tumors, etc.

You may be aware that one of the common side effects of taking mushrooms is nausea. Some people experience it, some people don’t experience it. Some people get uneasy feelings in their stomachs like they want to vomit. To reduce this effect mushroom tea or shroom tea might be a better option. Though it may not fully prevent you from being nauseous. But you may get a better result

Can you drink mushroom tea every day?

Yes, you can. Mushroom tea is highly nutritious. Drinking mushroom tea in the morning can boost up your body and mind for the rest of the day. It will also keep you hydrated. Rather you can drink mushroom tea at any time of the day you need.

Is outdated tea okay to drink? 

Normally tea can last two or three years if stored properly. But if you drink expired tea it could not harm you that much. You won’t feel the proper taste or aroma, that’s it.

It would not harm your health in any way. Store your tea in a windproof, air-tide container. Keep away from the cold and humid environment. 

What does mushroom tea taste like?

Chaga mushroom may not be likable to somebody. It tastes earthy and bitter. But you can add honey, ginger, and mint to increase the taste and change the flavor. But overall mushroom teas don’t taste that bad. Use the Lemon tek recipe to experience different tastes. 

After making your tea can you store it?

You can store your mushroom tea for a few days in the fridge. But you have to treat it like ice tea. If your tree has some other ingredients like sugar it can accelerate the bacteria growth.


Well, your mushroom tea loses potency if you don’t prepare your tea in the right way. Use a microwave to warm the water. Pour hot water through the mushroom. In that way, your tea will have the maximum potency. 

I hope you have your answer to the question ‘does mushroom tea lose potency’. If not, then let us know in the comment section below.