When to Harvest Potatoes? A Direct Answer 2023

Potato is a converted shoot. It grows under the soil. It is the fourth largest harvested vegetable in the world because it is easy to harvest potatoes. It is also high nutrition. In the world, there are many countries where people’s main food is Potatoes.

When to harvest potatoes
When to harvest potatoes

When to harvest potatoes?

Potatoes mostly grow well in the winter. It also grows well in temperate places. The ideal temperature for growing potatoes is 16-21 Degree Celsius. If the temperature decrease and become less than 10 degrees, plant growth and productivity will decrease.

For potatoes growing, in the beginning, we need a little high temperature. After a few days, less temperature is good for Potatoes.

How to grow potatoes?

Preparation of soil for potatoes

We will sow seeds only when our soil is ready. Soil preparation is one of the important things. We will follow the following things for it-

Soil selection

For growing potatoes, we do not need to work so hard. We must choose loamy soil or sandy-loamy mix soil. Because in those types of soil, Potato grows well and productivity is high. Perfect soil is for potatoes is clean and acidic soil. PH level should be 5.5-6 because it helps to prevent many diseases.

In the home garden, for a container or pot, we must take loamy soil. PH level 5.5-6 is also perfect for containers.


We will use fertilizers both before and after sowing seeds. Before sowing seeds, we will use cow dung, Urea, TSP, MP, Gypsum and Zinc Sulphate. Mix all those compost in an equal amount and then mix it with the soil. After a few days, the soil is ready for sowing seeds.

Perfect locations

For potatoes cultivation, we will select those locations, where lands are high. Because potatoes cannot take excessive waters. So must look at is there any drainage system or not. The soil must be dry and fluffiest.

For a good harvest, seeds selection is very important. We cannot take any types of seeds. Seeds must be properly cleaned and mature. If it is not ripe then we cannot sow it. Refinement is also essential.

We will follow the given ways for choosing seeds.

Potato Seeds selection

We will take at least one-year-old seeds for it. Seeds must contain protruding eyes or buds. Before sowing seeds, we will refine the selected seeds. For that, we need Mercuric chloride, Yellow oxide of mercury or Formaldehyde. Mix those liquids properly in an equal amount and keep the seeds in this mix for some hours. Now the seed is ready to sow.

The ideal size of the seed is 2-3 cm. If we take bigger than this size, we will cut the seed into two-part then we can sow it. However, it is better to follow the ideal size.

If we take a chopped seed then we have to be careful in some issues-

  • In the time of dividing, we will take a sharp knife and will cut it from the slit.
  • Each piece must contain at least two eyes or buds. 
  • We will use cold water and must be careful not to harm it. As it is, chopped seeds so it could be damaged very soon. We must keep notice of it. We have to cut them before 1 or 2 days of sowing.

Sowing selected potato seeds

We will use seeds or tuber of potatoes, for sowing in the field. It is better to grow potatoes by making high rows in the field. The distance between the two rows will be at least 60 cm. The distance between the two seeds will be 60-25 cm for full seeds. For chopped one distance will be 45-15 cm. After sowing seeds in the field, we will hide it with 3-4 inches of soil or leaves.  

Between all the rows, we will make drains. Therefore, when we will water in the field excessive water will go away. However, we can harvest potatoes without digging drain between rows. For that, we have to mark the drains and must avoid sowing seeds in those places. 

If we use a full seed than we will get a good amount of harvest. However, if we use chopped than we will not get a good amount of harvest.

In the field, per hector will take 1500-2000 kg seeds. If seeds size is bigger than ideal size (2-3cm) than we can take less amount of seeds. However, if we take chopped seeds than we will take 800-1200 kg per hector. 

In-the home if we want to harvest potatoes, in a container then we will sow 2-3 seeds. We should not give too many seeds in containers or pots because for potatoes it is very important to dig a deep hole, at least 10 cm. In a container, it is not possible all the time.

Fertilizer after sowing potato seeds

We will provide the manure after one month or 35 days of sowing seeds. Now, we will use urea in the soil. If the soil becomes too much acidic, we can give Magnesium Sulphate and Boron.

Watering potato plants

This is one of the essential factors. For good productivity, we must provide enough water in the soil. However, we must avoid providing excessive water in plants. Per day, we will water in the field 2-3 times. Excessive watering decreases the productivity of potatoes. So we must notice the water is going from the drain or not.

However, in a container, we will give water twice in a day. We must make a good number of holes in the pot because excessive water spoils potatoes.

Potato plants protection

We must clean all the weeds. After sowing seeds, the first 2 months we must give special care about cleaning weeds. Insects are also a big problem in potatoes. For preventing plants from insects, we have to provide insecticides in the field regularly. Because in potatoes insect attack spreads very soon.   


If you want to harvest potatoes, this article should be helpful for doing that. If you have further questions about how to harvest potatoes, let us know in the comment section.

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