Best EZ Leaf Hauler Review [2023 Buying Guide]

Should you buy EZ Leaf Hauler? And why should you? We will tell you how it works and why you should buy it in this buying guide. Let us begin.

The happiness of a family depends a lot on the environment of where they live. A healthy and refreshing environment is essential to obtain a healthful mind. But a messy yard ruins the environment.

The yard or lawn is a great part of the environment of a house. People spend their leisure hours here. Some take a walk in fresh air, some sit there with family. Again, some do their own work there.

Children and teens play various types of sports and games in the yard. A healthy yard is necessary for their mental growth and peace of mind. 

Furthermore, if you have a garden and there are fallen leaves and trash everywhere the beauty of your garden and the peace of mind will be shattered. But cleaning your garden regularly needs lots of energy and hard work. 

Cleaning up the yard when dead leaves are crawling everywhere is surely a tiring job. Besides, the trouble escalates much more when it’s breezy weather. 

The hassle becomes an everyday thing when you’re a garden owner. A garden has trees and plants. Trees and plants got leaves. If there are leaves, sooner or later they’ll fall off. 

EZ Leaf Hauler will make your garden or yard cleaning much easier. With the help of it, you can clean your yard, lawn, or garden comfortably, regularly. Thus, your lawn will be freshening and your time and energy will be saved. 

EZ Leaf Hauler Review
EZ Leaf Hauler Review
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Now, what exactly is EZ Leaf Hauler?

EZ Leaf Hauler is a new and unique system of negotiating with fallen leaves, other small and light garbage, and tiny debris. Usually, we clean our lawn or garden with a tarp, right? But while cleaning the yard with a tarp, you have to put some weight such as rocks on each corner of the tarp in order to keep it stuck to the ground. Unless it might blow away. 

EZ Leaf Hauler is a massive dustpan-shaped hauler that has multiple handles to grab and pull. It also has stakes to keep the hauler stuck to the ground so that the wind won’t blow it away as it does with a tarp. 

The plus point is that the stakes are permanently attached to the leaf hauler. So there’s no need to worry about losing them. There are two plastic stakes secured to both sides of the tarps front edge. 

Another great thing is that it’s foldable. You only have to set it up once when you are using it for the first time.

After that, you can fold it up and store it on the shelf, and re-use it when you need to. Thus, you are saved from the extra trouble of setting it up every time before using it. 

How does the EZ Leaf Hauler work?

What is it made of?

EZ Leaf Hauler is made of long-lasting yet lightweight materials. Its tarp is made from woven polyester. They are stretched on fiberglass rods. There are three fiberglass rods.

 The edges of the tarp are steadily sewed. There are six handles to hold or pull. There are two stakes attached to the tarp, they are made of plastic and hold onto the ground tightly. 

The overall product comes in a plastic bag and weighs around 2-4 lbs depending on the product model. 

How to assemble?

After unboxing the EZ Leaf Hauler, the first thing you need to do is set it up. In other words, the loose parts need to be put together to be ready to use. 

There are three fiberglass poles. One is supposed to hold up the back of the hauler and the other two hold up the sides. 

Among the three poles, one of the poles is long and the other two poles are short. The pieces are tied to each other. To put them together, pick up one pole. Insert one of the tied pins into the metal slit then another. 

Follow the same process about the other poles. The poles are ready now. Next,  Insert one of the short rods into the slot stitches found on the edge of the leaf hauler. Secure the rod by placing the ends into the pockets.

Then do the same thing starting from the opposite side of the edge about the last rod. 

At the end of the border, you’ll find a long narrow space. Fit the poles inside tarp through the borders. The short ones are for the sides and use the long pole at the back of the terp as it helps to create a standup tarp. 

EZ Leaf Hauler Reusable Cleanup Tarp For Lawns and Gardens
EZ Leaf Hauler Reusable Cleanup Tarp For Lawns and Gardens
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How to use it?

The EZ Leaf Hauler is much easier to use than the other yard cleaning ways. 

Place the leaf hauler in your yard and stake down the tarp to the ground. They hold onto the ground strictly and don’t let the tarp get blown away. Next, rake the fallen leaves and gather them on the tarp.

The EZ Leaf Hauler can hold up to huge piles of leaves. It can hold leaf-piles five times as much as a wheelbarrow (6 cubic feet). When you are done raking the leaves you can hold the hauler by the handles located at the same side as the stakes. Then pull the leaf hauler away. with the raked leaves.

You can either do that or you can also roll up the leaf hauler into a bundle and pick it up. Afterward, throw the leaves to the dump.

After you are done cleaning your yard you can simply fold the leaf hauler flat and store it wherever you want. And use it again whenever you need to. Just like that without any trouble or pain!

How to fold it?

Folding the EZ Leaf Hauler is very easy and comfortable. Fold one loose corner to its opposite strapping corner. Do the same with the other side of the haul. Finally, fold it in the curved back download, and the folding is done.

Features of EZ Leaf Hauler

  • EZ Leaf Hauler is a massive sized dustpan-like gadget. 
  • The tarp of the hauler is made of rugged woven polyester stretched on fiberglass rods.
  • The raised sides of the tarp help to keep the leaves tucked in.
  • The handles allow dragging loads of leaves away.
  • The stakes keep the tarp secured under the ground.
  • The EZ Leaf Hauler comes in two different sizes. You can buy anyone.
  • The lengths and widths of the EZ Leaf Hauler are 4’ x 6’  and 5’ x7’. The 4’ x 6’ one is known as the sport size. 
  • The products weigh 2.15 lbs and 3.55 lbs.
  • This surprisingly holds five times as much as a wheelbarrow.
  • The whole leaf hauler is foldable and easy to store.
  • The dimensions of the 5’ x 7’ Leaf Hauler is 72″ x 14″ x 2.5″ while folded and 84″ x 60″ x 14″ while unfolded. 
  • The EZ Leaf Hauler covers either 35 square feet of the yard or 24 square feet of yard. Varies by the leaf hauler size. 
  • It’s made of heavy-duty tarp material.
  • This also includes three fiberglass poles that slide into the pockets of the tarp.
  • EZ Leaf Hauler is a reusable and useful product. It’s so much better than the one time bags.
  • Fortified tent-constructed sides for increased capacity.


Very comfortable to use

Using the EZ Leaf Hauler is very easy and comfortable. It saves time and energy. Helps you clean your yard fast and smartly. 

Its dustpan-like structure keeps the leaves and other garbage inside the tarp. Even on windy days, it keeps the leaves stay put. 

The bag is also easily unpackable.

Lightweight and portable

The EZ Leaf Hauler is made of light materials which makes it completely lightweight. As a result, it is very easily movable, foldable, and storable. 

You can pick it up easily and move it anywhere without any kind of hassle. You can also store it anywhere such as in your closet, on the shelf, or under your bed. 

It’s physically very lightweight to haul the leaves. It is freely foldable and unfoldable. Can be moved with or without the piles of leaves. 

Environmentally friendly

The EZ Leaf Hauler is a very eco-friendly gadget. The reusable leaf Hauler is made from woven polyethylene that is much better for the environment than disposable plastic bags and gives you a zero-waste solution for outdoor chores and cleanup.

It’s also noise-free. Unlike other yard or garden cleaning gadgets, it doesn’t make loud or strange sounds. 

As a result, there is no risk of disturbing the neighbors by using it. You can clean your lawn with this quietly, without disturbing anyone including yourself.

That’s why it’s a very environmentally friendly leaf hauler.

Easy to assemble

EZ Leaf Hauler is not just easy to use but it’s also easy to set up. As described above, you can set it up in minutes without any difficulties. 

There is no need for any extra tool to unbox the product. Then you can set up the hauler following the instructions smoothly. 

The main task in setting the leaf hauler is inserting the fiberglass poles into the pockets.


The EZ Leaf Hauler is made of long-lasting steady and durable materials hence it lasts for a long time. So, no need to buy a new one for a long period after buying one. 

Easy to clean

The EZ Leaf Hauler does not need to be cleaned frequently. But you can also clean it as you please. But dusting it lightly or cleaning it with water will be enough.


Not for heavy materials

The EZ Leaf Hauler might load big piles of leaves and small debris but it’s not for cleaning heavy materials. You can’t loadstones, rocks, or any heavier waste.

It’s only for hauling fallen leaves. You can guess that from the name itself, right? So, be careful about heavy materials.

Fragile fiberglass poles

Be careful with the fiberglass poles as they are quite sensitive and might snap if dealt with harshly. The poles are thin and bendable for the easy use of the tarp. So, you have to be alert while sliding them in the hauler. 


The EZ Leaf Hauler is comparatively overpriced than the average price. But it can vary from person to person. So, that depends on the buyer mostly.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can you buy the EZ Leaf Hauler?

The 5’ x 7’ “sport” model 0037 (4’ wide x 6’ deep) can be found from various distributors. 

You can get it from EZ Lawn & Garden in exchange for $34.99 (plus $5.00 shipping). You can also find it in Home Depot for $34.99 (plus shipping) and in Walmart, you can get it for $27.83.

Besides, the same model of the product is offered by Amazon Prime for $34.99.

About the 5’wide x 7’ deep model 0007, it will be found at EZ Lawn & Garden for $39.99 (plus $5.00 shipping) and at Amazon Prime for $42.42. 

Does the EZ Leaf Hauler have any warranty?

Unfortunately, the EZ Leaf Hauler does not have a warranty. At least not yet. But on the bright side, if any manufacturing defects are found or if any of the poles break accidentally on their way to your door, they will be replaced from the owner’s side free of cost. Isn’t that really cool?

Is the EZ Leaf Hauler recommended?

The EZ Leaf Hauler is undoubtedly a great utensil to clean your yard. The fact of it saving so much of your time and energy is just outstanding. 

Imagine the hassle, the hard work of restlessly raking the leaves, and them being blown away by the air. It’s like an endless mission. And EZ Leaf Hauler makes this mission a happy and easy one.

Therefore, it’s absolutely recommended for you.


In conclusion, if there is a lawn or a garden, there’s no way of getting rid of the fallen leaves. You are bound to deal with them. So why not make this deal a lot easier when it’s totally possible? 

So, get yourself an EZ Leaf Hauler and start hauling the leaves happily. Because a refreshing and clean yard makes a refreshing environment which leads you to a cheerful mood!