How to Grow Blue Heart Lilies in 2023? Easy Way

Today we will tell you how to Grow Blue Heart Lilies, why they are famous, what do they symbolize, and some other important aspects as well. 

Blue heart lilies are adored by mostly everyone. The color blue in nature has a calm and soothing effect on the mind. The blue heart lilies symbolize that blue hue quite perfectly. However, these soothing lilies are not the product of nature. 

In other words, they do not exist and are not real. Unbeknownst to the majority, the blue heart lily’s signature blue hue is artificial. These flowers are normal white lilies but are commercially dyed by horticulturalists. For this reason, they are very hard to find online, and even if you come across them, they tend to be fake flowers. 

Procedures to Grow Blue Heart Lilies 

How to grow blue heart lillies
How to grow blue heart Lillies?

1.Acquiring the seeds:

The blue heart lilies start as normal white lilies. For this reason, it is essential that you find white lily seed bulbs, not any other color of lilies. The white lily seed bulbs are quite easy to find online and you can even go to your nearest botanical garden. So be sure that the bulbs you purchase are white lily bulbs. The bulbs are the size of a plum and they do not cost much. 

2.Planting the seeds

After you have the lily bulbs it is important that you plant them at the perfect time, considering the seasons. The right time to plant them is early Autumn to mid-Summer. The plants need moist and humid soil. The maintenance of soil is hard in big areas, so lilies should be planted in containers. 

Planting them in containers is a good way to ensure they are easy to look after as a beginner. When you have acquired experience, you can aim for ambitious projects like big lily beds. Now the containers should have loose soil, mixed with compost. The bulbs should be planted deep and buried under soil and compost. 

3.The taking care process:

Water them every two weeks. The lilies will thrive in moist soil but if they are waterlogged, they will die. To increase their survival rate a good drainage system is a must. You should check regularly if the soil is humid and lose the soil with your hand. Fertilizers also should be applied to make sure they grow healthy. 

The lilies also need a lot of sunlight, they need 6 hours of sunlight minimum. It is essential they are kept under sunlight for 6 hours a day daily. So, keeping them in places where the sunlight reaches easily is good for them. The growing plants should be kept under observation and lilies, in particular, are not that hard to grow. 

So, you do not need to worry about them constantly but keep your pets away from the plants. If everything goes smoothly you will see your lilies bloom next summer. 

Why They Are Famous 

The blue heart lilies have been around for a long time. They are now considered the symbol of many things. For example, wisdom, happiness, peace, and tranquility. In wartime, these flowers meant peace and hope. They were exchanged between neighboring countries to express friendliness. The flowers back then were painted blue for the signature blue hue. 

What They Symbolize Now

As time progressed, they became the symbol for many other concepts. The blue heart lilies in modern times signify missing someone. They are given to people to express they are missed. The flowers also signify loss, they are given to someone in mourning or to someone who has lost a big part of their life in sickness. 

The flowers hold quite aesthetic value. The blue heart lilies in a bouquet are very pleasing to the eyes. In any kind of flower arrangement, they fit right in. The lilies are also used in home decorations, they create a serene and calm environment. Moreover, lilies can survive for two weeks in your flower vases. 

The lilies also signify many other things in various cultures. The blue heart lilies are given to the bride by her mother to approve of their marriage. The blue heart lily may be a flower that is created artificially but the effect it has on human mood and culture is undeniable. 

The Dying Process

Now as you are aware, the flowers are artificially created so you have to grow them as natural white lilies. The chances of purchasing blue heart lily bulbs and then yielding the crops are next to none. There are various sites that sell blue heart lily bulbs but they are all shams.

That also includes the ones listed on amazon, so do not try to acquire them online. You will be only wasting your money to get swindled. So, the best way to get your desired blue heart lilies at home is to dye normal white lilies you can grow. The process is quite simple and effective.

Firstly, you will need blue dye. The blue dye that is used for clothes is good enough and can be found in any fabric store. Then soak the dye in a cloth and apply to wrap it around stems just below the petals.

How to Grow Blue Heart Lilies
How to Grow Blue Heart Lilies

The process needs to be done every few weeks to get the blue hue of your desire. Also, remember to use a glove so the colors do not stick to your hands. As you are going to do the same process every week, it is best to use gloves if you do not want blue hands. 

Forever cherished

The blue heart lily is a flower that stemmed from human imagination. Flowers in particular are cherished by humans, they are a gift from nature. The blue heart lily is a beautiful example of taking a natural gift and making it better. 

Yes, they are artificial but the memories and happiness that are intertwined with these flowers are not. The flowers remind us of many things and we associate them with fond memories, experiences. The desire to grow blue heart lilies, I believe, can be appreciated by everyone. 


In nature flowers are the ultimate symbol of selflessness, they grow not for themselves but to bring joy to others. People who grow flowers also share the same trait; they grow flowers to spread happiness to everyone around them.