How to Keep Squirrels Away from Succulents? 4 Great Tips

We know a lot about succulent trees. They look a bit like roses and moss leaves. This tree is popular for its beauty. Gardening with succulents in the backyard also makes the house much more attractive to look at.

But along with this, you will face some problems in your flower garden. Like, as the attack of birds, insects, squirrels, etc. So today I will tell you how to keep squirrels away from succulents.

Generally, we know that squirrels are very agile and clever. So if you want to save your succulents from those furry friends, You should know about their weaknesses.

Squirrels hate the smell of mothballs. Besides, if you bring a dog to your garden it will save your Succulents from Squirrels.

Squirrels eat succulents to satisfy their hunger. So if you manage their food, they won’t chew your Succulents.

4 Great Tips to keep squirrels away from succulents

 Today I will share 4 tips with you to keep Squirrels away from succulents. 

How to Keep Squirrels Away from Succulents
How to Keep Squirrels Away from Succulents

1) Bring a dog:

There are many advantages and disadvantages to keeping dogs in a succulent garden. Firstly, when squirrels come to eat succulent leaves at night, they will no longer be able to enter the garden for the fear of dogs.

Some dogs might eat the leaves of succulents. But not all dogs do that. So keeping dogs to protect succulents from squirrels would be a good move.

2) By Managing food:

According to the law of nature, one species or animal depends on other creatures. For example, squirrels survive by eating various fruits and leaves of the tree. 

So if we can provide them with alternative food then they will no longer come to eat succulent leaves. As an alternative food for squirrels, we can put different fruits like guava, nuts, etc. in different plants. Squirrels can eat them at night. As a result, they will no longer come to eat the leaves of the succulent tree.

3) By using scents:

Squirrels can also be kept away from succulents by using different scents. Spicy foods (such as white and red pepper powder) placed around a succulent tree will remove the odor from squirrels. 

Mothballs can also be used. Though it works well as a squirrel infestation, It is naturally toxic. So I will discourage you from using this. 

Also,  you can sprinkle garlic oil or just garlic at the base of the succulent tree. Because Its smell stays away from squirrels from succulent also 

You can also get a variety of chemicals from the market that will protect your succulents from squirrels.

4) Netting 

The most environmental and easy way to keep squirrels away from succulents is netting. Squirrels can not eat succulent leaves if you fence each tree in the garden with a net.

In this way, a sufficient amount of sunlight and air can enter through the net. Which does not create any problems in the normal growth of succulents.

Again, you can do this netting differently. If you want, you can enclose the whole garden with a net around and above. This is the best way.  Because in this way you do not have to give a separate net for each tree.

By using this method, it is also possible to get rid of the infestation of different birds. You can get rid of squirrels’ problem by using one or both of the above four methods.

However, chemicals that are harmful to squirrels or the environment should not be used. Netting is one of the most effective and environmental ways of the above 4 methods. So I would suggest you use the netting method.

How to Keep Squirrels Away from Succulents
How to Keep Squirrels Away from Succulents

1) Do dryer sheets repel squirrels?

Yes, possible. Because of the strong odor on the dryer sheet which is effective in keeping squirrels away from succulents. However, these dryer sheets should be kept wherever they enter the squirrel’s garden. And besides using dryer sheets, another method has to be used. Because it is very difficult to chase away squirrels with just a dry sheet.

2) Does Cinnamon keep squirrels away? 

Squirrels dislike cinnamon. So you can use it if you want, but you have to add another method to this method or else the squirrel cannot be removed from succulent.

3) What Animals like to eat succulents?

Birds, insects, squirrels, rats, etc. are at the top of the list of succulent eating animals. However, sometimes dogs and cats are also seen eating succulents. But they eat very little and are very small in number. Meaning most of the time they won’t eat your succulents.

4) Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away? 

There are two reasons to dislike squirrel coffee grounds. Firstly, its smell is unbearable to squirrels. Secondly, squirrels do not like coffee beans because of their mildly bitter taste. That’s why They dislike coffee grounds. 

5) What Do squirrels hate most?

We discussed the smell. Where I have shown that squirrels do not like the smell of pepper, garlic, mothballs, or urine. Besides, I said that squirrels also dislike the smell of dryer sheets.

The squirrel dislikes the strong smell. You can use strong odors to repel squirrels.

6) What are the most effective steps to keep squirrels from succulents? 

Well, I have already given a short answer to this. The above discussion has mentioned 4-5 effective methods, the most effective method of netting and scents. Spraying these, succulents can be protected from all sides. However, as always, keep in mind that toxic chemicals should not be used as they can be harmful to the environment.

However, I hope you can use these methods properly to protect your succulent garden from squirrels as well as other birds and insects.