How To Keep Cats From Pooping In House Plants? 11 Great Solutions

Cats are semi-domesticated animals. Unlike dogs, cats didn’t change that much since the time we started having them with ourselves. They are almost identical to their ancestor. So they are still a wild animal, technically.

How To Keep Cats From Pooping In House Plants
How To Keep Cats From Pooping In House Plants?

How To Keep Cats From Pooping In House Plants?

So, if your cat keeps messing with your inside plants, and makes them its litter box this post is for you. In this post, we will tell you exactly how to keep cats from pooping in house plants.

1) Train your cat not to poop in house plants

This is the very first and perhaps the most basic way that you can solve this problem and save your house plants. If your cats are potty trained well, they won’t be popping in your plants or anywhere else in the room.

How to potty train your cats? 

  1. Keep the cat litter box in front of your cat.
  2. Do not confuse her by moving it. Let her examine it for a bit.
  3. After the meals or taking nap, set her on the box.
  4. Reward your cat whenever you see her using it.
  5. Never punish your cat for accidents.

2) Install a motion sprinkler to keep cats or any animal away

A sprinkler is one of the safest ways to keep your cats away from your beautiful plants. The motion detector detects any movement around it and automatically activates the sprinkler to spray water. 

Cats do not like water or to get soaked, so this is an excellent way to keep your cats away. The thing is, this will not only keep your cats away. It will also keep any other kinds of animals such as squirrels and dogs.

3) Cover your plants with large stone 

The simplest way that you can keep your cats from pooping in your plants is to cover them with large stones. It can be any kind of stone. 

Just cover the soil with stone, and it will keep your cats away. It is as simple as it gets. 

4) Move the plants

If possible, move the plants somewhere else. It is no rocket science that if the plants are not accessible for your cats, they will not be able to do any harm to your plants. Therefore, if you can, move your plants out of the way might be the best and easiest course of action to solve this problem.

The problem is that you might not have the place to move your plants to somewhere inaccessible for your cats. And if you use houseplants to decorate your drawing room, then good luck to you moving them somewhere safe.

5) Cover with cardboard

Another simple and yet effective way is to cover your plant around with cardboard. This will make it almost impossible for your cat to pee or poop on your plant.

6) Make the plants look unappealing

Cats are curious by born. The leaves of the plants attract them. And if your plants stand out and draw their attention, they will try to play with them eventually. They might not just use them as a litter box, they will bite and eat the leaves of the plants.

So, it is a good approach to make the plants look less appealing. This way, they will not be attracted to the plants. You can do that by simply putting something fun and attractive near that place.   

7) Use pet spray

Well, if you cannot apply any of the ways or they do not work for your cat somehow, do not worry. Try using pet spray. They will definitely keep your pets away from your favorite plants. 

8) Chicken wire

You can also use chicken wire to make kind of a cage for your plants. This will do the job too. Because your cat’s claws will get caught in it. They will try 1 or 2 times and after that, they will leave your plants for good.

9) The smell of Banana

Cats do not like the smell of bananas. So, you can use this in your favor if you want to keep them away from anything. Instead of using any kind of chemical spray or something, it is safe and simple to use the scent of banana.

You can just simply cut a keep a few slices of banana on top of the soil or anywhere around your plant. Try it. It will work like a charm.

10) Use orange peels to repel cats

Just like bananas, cats also hate orange peels. Cats do not like citrus. So using any lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange, will do the trick. 

Keep orange peels on the soil of the plants, and you are good. This will repel the cats.

11) Give your cat its own plant

Another way is to give your cat its own plant. It will keep them occupied. They will play with those toys and hopefully leave your houseplants. 

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Why Is My Cat Eating My Plants?

If you are familiar with cats, then you must already know that, like people, cats also have different personalities. Some might be calm and gentle towards your plants, and some might not like your plants at all. 

But that does not make your cats evil or less amiable. Depending on your cat’s personality, here are some common reasons why your cat is eating your plants

1) Your cat is bored

You might find it hard to believe, but most of the time cats chew or eat or destroy the plants out of sheer boredom. They love to play most of the time (depending on your cat’s personality again). So, it is possible that your cat is bored and finds your plants’ leaves to play with it.

2) The color of the leaves attract your cat

It is highly likely that your cat is attracted by the texture or the taste of the leaves. In that case, follow the steps we described beforehand. It will keep your plants safe from your cat.

3) Cats like movement

Well, cats like moving things a lot. And it might be the case that your cat noticed the leaves moving and got curious. 


Cats love to play with different things. If your plants happen to attract your cat, then use any of the ways that I mentioned earlier. Any of these will do. Do not get frustrated.

Trust me, it is nothing personal that your cats do not like your houseplants.

Follow these, and your plants will be safe and secure.