How to Make Succulents Grow Bigger? Easy Way (2023)

Succulents are ornamental plants with thick stems. They have many benefits and are usually of low maintenance. But when it comes to the matter of growth, they are a little slow. However, there are ways you can make succulents grow bigger by following some steps. You have to choose soil with a good drainage system or you might spread their roots from time to time.

You can also get rid of the offsets to give the mother plant more air and space. How to make a succulent grow bigger? What is a succulent? How to take care of it? Or how will it grow faster? Get all the answers you need for being a better plant parent.

How to make a succulent grow bigger?

Succulents are beautiful plans that can grow by themselves. But if you are trying to make the succulents grow bigger, there are some steps you can follow.

Give enough space

Succulents are socials. They do a better job thriving in pots with other plants in it, on the other hand, some of the house or garden plants are not good at it. The roots of the succulents can absorb the nutrition the plant needs even in a tight space.

How to Make Succulents Grow Bigger
How to Make Succulents Grow Bigger

But if the space is too tight it cannot thrive or grow. Too much plant in one pot can cause a root battle. That will make the succulent focus on the roots only and not on growth over the soil. So try to have the succulent in a less crowded spot.

Spread the roots

You can also spread the roots from time to time. Take the succulents out of the small pot. Use some water to remove the soil from the pot. Try not to use any spiky tools for it can cause damage to the roots. The best way is to rub it with your fingers. And place it in the bigger pot for better growth.

Choose the right soil

A lot of the growth of the succulents is in the soil. The right kind of soil can help it grow bigger. But if the soil is not up to the mark, it can cause root rot and in worse cases death. So we do understand how important it is to have the right kind of soil.

You need soil with a good drainage system. If the water doesn’t move from the soil it gets tough for the roots to get enough air or grow bigger. Remember succulents don’t like ‘wet feet.

Separate the offsets from the mother plant

Once you start to grow the succulent you will see smaller plants of the same species around it. They are connected to the mother plant. Taking up space, they start a battle for the properties of the house. So cut the offsets off the mother plant. Not to name them as antisocial but succulents quite love the monopoly.

Those are some of the ways for you to make your succulent grow bigger. 

What is a succulent?

A succulent is a pot plant. They are usually plants in the desert. So to store water in them, they have fleshy stems or leaves. They have a deep root system for being able to consume nutrients and water, better. Some of the famous succulents are cacti and aloe vera. They have stomata that open at night. Stomata are smallmouth-like organs on the surface of leaves, stems, or flowers to help the plant get more carbon dioxide and water. This only happens at night time. 

What succulents grow big faster?

Succulent plants are found in more than 60 plant families. Even though they are known to be slow-growing plants, some of them grow faster than others. They are easy to take care of and take even less maintenance than other succulents. Since you are looking for a way to make your succulents grow bigger, why not try one of these? For example:

  • Aeonium Arboreum (Purple Rose Tree)
  • Crassula Perforata (String of Buttons)
  • Crassula Sarmentosa.
  • Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant)
  • Echeveria Elegans.
  • Kalanchoe daigremontiana (Mother of Thousands)
  • Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi (Aurora Borealis)

How fast do succulents grow from cuttings?

Succulents are beautiful plants with captivating colors. If you are trying to expand your succulent collections with new leaf or stem cuttings, here are some of the things you need to know.

First things first, don’t plant them right after you cut them. Try to dry them directly in the sun for three to four days. This will prevent the succulent from root rot or any fungal disease. They will grow protective calluses in this short period. Then you can plant them in a very small place.

It will take approximately four weeks to grow roots and about eight to grow new leaves or stems. By that time you can place them in a bigger pot. Succulents do grow bigger in full sun. But if it’s just a baby, place it somewhere with a shade. Full sun can be harsh on it.

What can cause the succulent to grow slowly?

We talked about all sorts of ways that will help healthy succulents grow bigger. But there can be some things that can slow the growth. Sometimes it’s just a health issue. Causes like root rots, pest infestations, and sunburn can slow the growth of your succulents. 

So here are some of the signs and things you can do to avoid it. Usually, your succulents will go yellow, brown, or purple. You might see rusty brown stops on it. It will also become dull and mushy. It will appear soft when touched. To cure it you can:

  • Use soil with a good drainage system for root rot, 
  • Place it somewhere with a shade for sunburn,
  • In case of pest infestations, rub alcohol or use a soup or mild liquid formula,
  • And if nothing helps, do see a plant doctor.

There aren’t many difficulties than these which might come in a succulent way. And using the simple solution you can have a healthy growing plant.

How to Make Succulents Grow Bigger
How to Make Succulents Grow Bigger

Will big pots help the succulents grow bigger?

No, I won’t. Pots that are too big for the succulent can cause damage. The succulent might grow in a big pot but that won’t be healthy. A big pot means more space for water. Too much moisture will make the root rot eventually. But you do need enough space for the roots to thrive but not more than it needs.

Succulent are beautiful plants. Even though they started as pot plants, you can see them hanging succulents either. Even at weddings, it is used as a decorative material. Nowadays they are in great demand for their variety of shapes and colors and botanical benefits. Try keeping your pets or kids away from your succulents for they can cause harm. Proper care and nurture can help your succulent grow bigger in no time.