How Long Can Succulents Live in Water? Easy Answer [2023]

Succulents are beautiful pot plants with a variety of colors and species. However, they are most commonly known for being dry native plants. And this is a common question about them, how long can succulents live in water?

Sounds strange, right? But they do survive the water. No, you didn’t see it wrong, succulents can live in water.

But once they get inhabited to the water, they will most probably die if they are put back to the soil. So, if you already have enough soil succulent plants and wouldn’t mind being a little experimental or just out of plain curiosity, want to know how the processes are done, this article’s writer has emerged with all their knowledge to enlighten you!

How Long Can Succulents Live in Water?

Growing a succulent in water is a process. It takes time and effort and requires specific steps to follow. But it’s also super easy once you know how to do it. 

Choose your succulent plant:

First and foremost, you have to figure out what are your options. Generally, one can use offshoots or cut for making water-based succulents. Offshoots work better than cuttings. So, I will suggest you go for an offshoot rather than cutting.

How Long Can Succulents Live in Water
How Long Can Succulents Live in Water

Growing callus:

Then you have to let the succulent grow callus for it to grow roots. Just take your succulent cutting or offshoot and put it on a try for a few days. This is a necessary step for any sort of newbie succulents, whether they are on soil or water.

If you do not take the time and skip this part, your succulents will absorb too much water which can easily cause root rotting. So this is the part where you test your patients and be very careful

Placing the succulent in the right place

Now’s the moment of truth. Finally, you put your succulent in a pot of water. The succulent may have given up soil but it still needs sunlight. So, make sure to put it in a place with direct sunlight.

Be aware not to touch it or bother it in any sort of way during all these times. Make sure the callused end is just above the water and it’s not dipping in. Within a few days, there will be roots growing from it.

That was the last step. As long as you keep your succulent in a suitable container, it shouldn’t have much in surviving and growing in the water.

What Type of Succulent is Suitable to Live in Water?

There are 60 different succulent families and over 10,000 plant species out there. But not all of them can survive water. As we all already know they are plants of dryland not all of them can survive the roughness of water as they are not built that way.

So, your options are pretty low. There are only two verities. Echeveria and sempervivum of the Crassulaceae family. They grow rosettes very easily in water. Here are some of your options that adapting well to water.

  • Sempervivum Tectorum
  • Hen and Chicks
  • Echeveria Agavoides Romeo
  • Echeveria runyonii

So, these are some of your easiest options for growing succulents in water.  Some of them can grow up to 10cm in height. Some of them we love for their bright and beautiful colors. Some of them you have to be very careful with, to not to overwater, because it will cause root rot. But ultimately these are your options that worked in the past with the experimental planting of succulents in water.

How Long Can Succulents Live in Water
How Long Can Succulents Live in Water

What Types of Containers are Suitable for Succulent to Survive in Water? 

Usually, glass bowls or pots that are transparent are most suitable for succulents to grow in water. This way, you will be able to see through the water level. That will have you pour the right amount of water in the next time you feel the need to water it. Never water the succulents above the roots for that can cause the roots to rot easily. 

Make sure to take proper measurements before doing it to not overflow.

Step by Step Process of Planting Succulents in Water

Now that we have already covered all the things you need to know about planting succulents in water let me give you a step by step process so you can take a screenshot or keep a bookmark and use it in time of need:

  1. First, choose your succulent cutting and offshoot. That’s as simple as it goes.
  2. Then, take your succulent cutting and put it in sunlight for two to three days. Pretty easy huh!
  3. After the time passes, use a glass bowl, jar, or pot and fill 2/3 of it with water.
  4. Use a polythene wrap to conceal the pot and make wholes for the succulent to go in with spiky tools.
  5. Put your succulent through the hole just an inch above the water surface, the succulent at any cost can’t reach the water.
  6. After that you are pretty much done with your work, just place the succulent somewhere with a shade and not directly in the sunlight.
  7. Wait for two to three weeks to see your succulent roots grow.
  8. Water them when the water level is down by 1 to 2 inches.
  9. Change the water once in a while, when it gets cloudy
  10. And that’s it!

 There is this other way you can do it. Take a glass tray and put a piece of cotton cloth on it. Then make it damp with some water and place your succulent cuttings on top of it and wait for 1.5 to 2 months and there you go. You will see the roots growing from them. And don’t skip the part where you let them dry for a bit before working with them.


Succulents are a bunch of pot beauties with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are many ways you can propagate them and take proper care of them. While you do love your succulent make sure to take care of it. Even though they don’t need much it’s tough for them to survive if you don’t care at all. May your days be good and your succulents stay plump.