Can I Use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents? Easy Answer [2023]

Succulents are pretty pot plants with a low maintenance policy. The most famous of them is the cactus. Even if you are not that familiar with succulents you sure have seen cacti in offices and such other places or weddings, used as decorations. Succulents require soil with big particles.

And aquarium gravels are a big source of that. So often we hear the question, ‘Can I use aquarium gravel for succulents’. And today we will answer that question and explain that a bit too so that you can understand it better.

So if you are thinking about using aquarium gravel in your succulent soil then you should know it’s perfectly safe to do so, as long as you are cleaning them right. Let me hop into for details for you in the content below.

Can I Use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents?

Aquarium gravels are vibrant beautiful chunk particles that help with a better drainage system. As we all know succulents are very sensitive to damp soil, it’s a great idea to introduce your pot, bowl, or any other sort of container with aquarium gravel. This will not only enhance your drainage system but will also give good aeration.

Aquarium gravel also makes the succulent pot look more beautiful by having a variety of colors. You can decorate your succulent soil according to the vibe of your room, office room, workplace, or for any decorative event.

Can I Use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents
Can I Use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents

 Just put a layer of aquarium gravel on the bottom of your succulent pot and make it look pretty and feel healthy.

Why Should You Use Aquarium Gravels in Your Succulent Pots?

As we all know, succulents are very popular for being not much of a hustle when it comes to caring. They are like the cats of the plant realm. As long as you give them food (water and sunlight) they will not be a matter of your concern. However, when it comes to soil planning, they mind.

They wouldn’t just be coping with anything. Succulents prefer soil with big particles and a good drainage system. This way they save themselves from fatal problems like root rotting, pest infestations, and most importantly dying. 

Damp soil absorbs too much moisture and causes harm to the succulent’s health. On the other hand, using aquarium gravel will help your succulent’s root system to breathe and more space to wrap around, and better growth. 

How to Take Care of Aquarium Gravels for the Betterment of your Succulent?

There isn’t much to do but this is a very necessary step. So don’t skip it and learn carefully. Aquarium gravels need washing before they are put together with succulents. You cannot just throw them in out of nowhere. First, wash your gravels with soap and water then rinse them, dry them and then assemble them. Now, let me tell you why. These aquarium gravels contain salt and soil particles which can be harmful to your succulent’s health. So, make sure to give it a quick wash and you will be good to go.

What are the Benefits of Using Aquarium Gravels in Succulent Pot?

Many! Starting with how sensitive succulents are when it comes to choosing the soil, aquarium gravels are helpful in the case of the water fast. As it has big particles and doesn’t shade soil like some other particles might, it helps to keep the flow of water better and makes the soil less moist.

It also gives the succulent roots a better air system. The air can easily pass through from soil to the atmosphere and easily make an opening for more air-carrying components. 

The colorful gravels make beautiful decorative views. They come in lots of shapes and sizes and colors. You can use them in many ways, mix and match to your own accord to get a good result.

Can I Use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents
Can I Use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents

Choosing Your Aquarium Gravels for Succulents

There are some of the things you should worry about and pick properly before buying or collecting gravel for succulents.

Always wash your gravels first. Washing your aquarium gravel gives it more qualities to create a better drainage system and let the succulent roots more space to grow around.

Try to use natural aquarium gravels instead of synthetic ones. The natural ones can be a little hard to work with. They can be salty and smelly and full of dirt. But once you wash them properly, they should be good to go. Authentic aquarium gravels help with the improvement of succulents.

These are the things you might want to concern yourself with while choosing the gravels or soil particles for your succulents.

Are Aquarium Gravels Expensive?

No, they are not. They are pretty handy when it comes to the matter of price. One full bag of aquarium gravels can last you several pots and look dashing at the same time. All in all, they are not at all expensive and very reasonable decorative for anybody and everybody.

Can Aquarium Gravels Harm Succulents?

They are known for being the safes enhancement helper of the drainage system of succulents. And they are also very reasonable in price. Aquarium gravels are basically what you should go for when you are looking for a safe option. 

Even so, try to use natural gravel instead of dyed once. Dyed once may break the dye in touch of water and get into the roots of succulents and cause harm to the growth of succulents. So if you want to play safe for your succulents, natural aquarium gravels can be your best option.

Succulents don’t need much outer support when it comes to good health and taking care. But they are peaky about soil formula as they contain water in them for being dryland plants. 


As colorful and beautiful as succulents already are, the aquarium gravels add a better twist to it. It not only has decorative values, but it also helps with better air and draining system. Not using gravels or bug particles can cause the soil to absorb too much water and root rot to pest infestations. Aquarium gravels can easily prevent that and help with your succulent plantation.