How to Grow Succulents in A Greenhouse in 2023? The Easy Way

A succulent is a plant with thick stems or leaves to contain water in them. Some of them have flowers and spikes. The Cactus is one of the most famous succulents. Since they are the plant of drylands, they may not be able to resist cold weather.

So if you are a new plant parent and winter is knocking at your door or you live in a Siberian city, a greenhouse is going to save your succulents. To grow succulents in a greenhouse first, you have to make a greenhouse suitable for your succulents. Then you need to take proper care of it. Here are some of the tips below to help you take care of your precious plant.

Today we will tell you exactly how to grow succulents in a greenhouse, how to build a greenhouse and some other important questions related to that as well.

How to Grow Succulent in A Greenhouse?    

There can be two types of scenarios. First, you are trying to grow your succulent from the beginning. Secondly, your succulents are already a few months old and you are shifting them to the greenhouse. There are very similar types of care you will need to take in both cases.

Succulents are known for being less hazardous than other plants. Even so, you still need to know a few things to take proper care of it. So let me help you with your upcoming journey with your succulent plant.

How to Grow An Existing Succulent in A Greenhouse? 

If you are shifting your succulent to the greenhouse, you won’t need any extra care, just make sure you are watering them regularly. Once a week is a good number. The day you choose to water them, you have to water them a couple of times that day.

Make sure the water is dry before watering it every time. Use well drainable soil. If you put too much water that will cause root rot and if you don’t water them enough that will dehydrate them. So be sure to make the balance.

How to Grow Succulents in A Greenhouse
How to Grow Succulents in A Greenhouse

How to Grow Succulent in A Greenhouse from Scratch?

If you are trying to grow a succulent from the start then you have to cut a stem or leaf of an existing succulent. Keep it in a place to dry for a few days. Keeping it right below the sunlight is the most effective. This will help the succulent not to get infected with pests or root rot.

Then plant it in a small pot and place it in your greenhouse. In four to eight months you will be able to see new leaves and roots growing from them. Make sure to move them to a bigger pot.

 Give them a place not directly to the sunlight after planting them. It may be too harsh on them and will cause sunburn. So put them in a place with a shade. Water your succulents from time to time the same as you would do for older succulents. You should be quite ok following these necessary steps to grow a succulent in a greenhouse.

How to Build A Greenhouse for Succulents?

First of all, you have to build the greenhouse in a suitable place. That place must have sunlight in the daytime. You have to have an artificial source of air and heat. There should be enough openings in the greenhouse so that the plants can have as much nature source of air and heat either.

If daily light integral is low in the greenhouse (less than 10 to 12 mol∙m−2∙d−1) you will have to insert supplemental light Otherwise the plants might get too moist for their good. And too much heat will dehydrate them. 

Use soil with a good drainage system. Make sure to have holes and water nets below the pot and big stone or marble particles in the soil. You can make a glass greenhouse or use transparent polythene. Use metal or any hard material to hold the structure.

And enough doors or space to open the greenhouse is needed. If you keep the greenhouse shut all the time the plants will not feel good Think about a packed car and how it makes you feel.

How Much Humidity Should A Succulent Greenhouse Have?

At night about 60% to 80% humidity is a good amount. But in day time you can keep the humidity even lower. To create healthy weather for the succulents uniform watering is the key. Also, don’t overwater it at any cost.

How Often Should You Water Succulents in A Greenhouse?

Succulent are known for their low maintenance. So they don’t need much care. You should only water them when the soil feels deep down dry. As I said once a week should do the job for you. But in some cases, you can wait further. Use a watering can or a squeeze bottle with a narrow spout, no more than about ¼” (6mm) across. Don’t wet their leaves or stems. Some succulent roots start to rot if you do that. Which is bad news for your dear plant.

Can Succulents Survive Winter in A Greenhouse?

Yes, they can. The greenhouse is made essentially to save plants in winter. So if you have many succulent plants and don’t have enough space in your house, a greenhouse is your best option. It will keep the succulents warm and away from cold weather or snowfalls.

How to Grow Succulents in A Greenhouse

Steps to Follow to Build A Succulent Greenhouse

If you are a newbie in planting all these directions may seem too hectic to you. Or even if you are not a newbie and have been a plant parent for quite a while, these brief steps will help you understand and remind in a short while. So the steps are:

  • Make the greenhouse with proper openings
  • Choose a variety of pots or bowls
  • Add drainage system
  • Add well drainable soil
  • Plant your succulent
  • Use a watering can or a squeeze bottle to water them
  • Water once a week


Succulents are colorful ornamental plants. You can keep them both indoors and outdoor. Echeverias are one of the most beautiful ones in my opinion. Since they do well in summer, they lack potential in the cold season. This winter keeps your succulents healthy and happy in a moderate temperature at your greenhouse.