How to Do Water Therapy for Succulents in 2023? Easy Way

Succulents are ornamental dryland plants. They have thick stems or leaves containing water to sustain life in a dry atmosphere. Succulents are known for their beautiful appearance and low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about watering them or taking care of other garden or house plants.

However if you become too carefree and don’t water your succulent regularly, it will become dehydrated. And the solution to that is water therapy for succulents. Let’s learn all we need, to do a good job in taking care of our succulent plant.

How to do Water Therapy for Succulents?

Succulents are dry native plants. In this case, they don’t need much supply of water. It is even planted in soil with a good drainage system for it to stay healthy. But just like every other living being, water is needed to keep the succulent ‘alive and kicking’. So if your succulent is suffering from dehydration, your only chance of saving it is by water therapy. 

To do water therapy, you simply take your plant out from the soil and put it in a cup, pot, or bowl of water where only the roots will be dipped in the water. Be gentle when you are taking the soil off. Don’t use any sharp tools.

The best way is to use some water and rub the soil off the roots. The amount of time your succulents will spend doing water therapy can vary from plant to plant. Usually, it may start from four to eight hours and go up to the point of twenty-four hours. Some may take two to three days either.

Water Therapy for Succulents
Water Therapy for Succulents

How to Know If Your Succulent Needs Water Therapy?

Some symptoms will help you understand that your succulent plant is dehydrated. Your poor succulent will be dull and all wrinkly. It will be yellow all over. Wrinkles will start from the lower leaves going up to the newer leaves.

This is an indication that the succulent is using its water reserve from the leaves. Some of its leaves or stems may fall out. And if you are the only person taking care of your succulent try recalling the things you have been doing wrong. You will easily figure out that your succulent is in desperate need of water therapy. 

How Long Should Water Therapy Last?

The amount of time you may put your succulent in water therapy will vary. It also depends on the dehydration or damage. For some succulents, it may take two to three days. But for others, this amount of time may be a nightmare. If the succulent wasn’t dehydrated for a long time then four to five hours of therapy is enough. 

How Should A Succulent Look After Water Therapy?

Your succulent should look exactly the way you look after taking a bath in cold water and drinking lots of water when you come back home from a long day tour on summer days. Your succulent may take more time than you.

In 5 to 6 days it will look all Refreshed and plump. The leaves or stems will be green again. All wrinkles will go away. Some of the yellow leaves may fall out as it’s already dead. Make sure to pot in dry soil after finishing the water therapy.  

Can Too Much Water Therapy Be Harmful to Succulents?

Yes, too much water therapy can be very harmful to succulents. Even though the succulent is dehydrated, it is a plant that has its way of surviving in a dry environment. Too much time in water therapy, the leaves may start to fall and roots will start to rot and eventually die. So if you don’t want a terrible fate for your succulent, make sure to understand its physical condition first.  

Is It Good to Spray Water on Succulents?

No, it’s no good to spray water on succulent leaves stems. Even though other gardens or indoor plants do a good job when you spray water on them, succulents don’t have the same results. It can cause brittle roots and moldy leaves for succulents.  

Water Therapy for Succulents
Water Therapy for Succulents

Can Succulents Live in Water Forever?

Yes, succulents can live in the water forever. But for that, you have to start with new cuttings. Once you cut the leaf, keep it in sunlight to dry for a few days. After you took this necessary step, you put your succulent cutting with the callused end just above the water.

Now wait for a few days without doing anything to it, you will see the roots will start to grow from there. The succulent will live as long as you keep it in a suitable container. But remember once adapted to water, the succulent might die if you try to plant it in soil.

How to Water A Succulent Bowl?

There are some steps to follow when it comes to watering succulent bowls. First of all, the bowl must have a good drainage hole or system and draining soil. Then you have to use a mug to pour the water all over the succulent soil and let it soak. After that, you will see some of the water coming out of the bowl.

Later you have to feel the drainage hole to understand the water has fully dried out. So that you can again pour water and repeat the whole process. Doing it for a sufficient amount of time each day will help your succulents build strong roots and keep thriving in a time of drought.


Succulents are colorful plants with many botanical benefits. It helps you get fresh air and lifts your mood, bringing you joy with their beauty. So you must take care of your baby plant. Make sure to give it good light and water supply.

And if it’s been dehydrated, put it in water therapy. Water therapy is very helpful for succulents. But overdoing it will kill it. So use this method with caution. And be careful about its safety so you won’t lose your pretty plant.