15 Fast Growing Indoor Plants That You’ll Love in 2023

If you are a plant lover, you must know how beautiful it looks in your house. Indoor plants are the best option to decorate your home in a beautiful way. Plants that grow indoors are known to be indoor plants. There are many indoor plants that grow super fast. Today you will know about 15 fast growing indoor plants from this article.

Fast Growing Indoor Plants
Fast Growing Indoor Plants

Usually, some of the fast growing indoor plants are snake plants, velvet plants, jade plants, philodendrons, spider plants, etc. These plants even don’t need much maintenance. You can grow these plants effortlessly.

Why do we grow indoor plants?

There are various answers to this question. It depends on everyone’s personal choice. But mainly, most of people love to grow indoor plants because these plants instantly change the environment of the house. Let’s have a look at some of the other reasons apart from these:

  • Indoor plants can be a great source of oxygen.
  • It gives the house a greenish look; this look can reduce the homeowners’ stress and anxiety successfully.
  • Nowadays there is a lack of trees everywhere. Moreover, many people don’t have a lawn outside their house. So, indoor plants can serve the craving for a greenish and natural environment to the endpoint.
  • Another reason is, indoor plants are elementary to be taken care of. These require deficient maintenance.
  • Indoor plants are an excellent option for those who are very busy and don’t have time to maintain their garden.
  • Indoor plants don’t need sunlight or a good water source. So, you can place these anywhere in your house. You can place an indoor plant even in your washroom!
  • Not only for outer beauty, but indoor plants can improve your health too.
  • Indoor plants at home or the workplace can boost your mood and reduce stress.
  • These plants boost our happiness and make us feel alive.

Some of the fast growing indoor plants

As I mentioned above, indoor plants can be very beneficial for you. But it will be more helpful if your plant grows faster than other plants. So here is the list of 15 fast growing indoor plants that you can grow in your house.

1) Snake plants

These are known to be the fastest-growing house plants ever. The average height of this plant is 3 feet. It grows so fast that you don’t need any maintenance. The look of this plant is gorgeous. It grows so fast that it needs plenty of space to grow. If it gets more sunlight, it grows more.

2) Velvet plants

This plant is very popular in Southeast Asia. The leaves of this plant are purple. That’s why these plants are known as velvet plants. If you just allow it to get a small amount of sunlight, it will grow like a monster in a week. So, because of its growing property, this plant is popular to plant lovers.

3) Jade plants

Usually, this plant grows in a place where there is humidity. So, it’s quite difficult to grow indoors. But if their environment is humid enough, it can grow a lot. This plant has small white flowers. This is a beautiful plant for growing indoors.

4) Philodendrons

This is a climbing plant to grow indoors. This plant can grow a lot with proper care. All you have to do is put it outside in the sunlight sometimes. This plant grows so much that you have to cut it or the leaves after every few weeks.

5) Spider plants

Spider plants are a common type of indoor plant. Many people love this planet because of its thin, long leaves. This plant grows so well indoors. This plant looks so beautiful, especially if you keep it hanging up. These plants produce white flowers in summer.

6) Dieffenbachia

These are another kind of fast growing indoor plants. These are very popular to grow inside your home. These plants can produce flowers. The look of these plants is impressive and eye-catching.

7) Boston ivy

The name may sound uncommon, but this plant is widespread. The usual color of the leaves of this plant is green, but it turns reddish in the fall season. It grows so much that it can even reach to be more than 50 feet.

8) Starburst Clerodendrum

Another hard name to pronounce but natural plant to grow. These are the best to grow in your home yard. These plants produce very beautiful flowers. It grows very well if proper care is taken.

9) Asparagus plant

it is a well known indoor plant. It is a type of grass, so to say. It doesn’t produce flowers but grows so fast. You can get plenty of these in your garden within a week of planting these.

10) Wandering Jew

This is also a purple colored plant. This grows so fast that you will love it. If you love colorful plants, you can plant this.

11) Desert Candle Cactus

If you are a cactus lover, and you want a fast-growing cactus, you will love this. Usually, cactuses do not need much maintenance. But this origin of cactus can grow a lot indoors.

12) Rosary vine

It has long leaves. This is a very popular indoor plant in Australia. This grows very fast. Proper can make it grow even faster.

13) Aloe Vera plants

Aloe vera is a very fast growing indoor plant. These are well known for their growth. You will get a lot of aloe vera within weeks of planting.

14) Bamboo

Even though you may think that bamboo plants are not suitable for planting indoors, actually they are. And the interesting fact is, these are a very fast growing indoor plant. Some species of bamboo can be up to 40 feet tall.

15) Dumb cane

It is another fast growing indoor plant. It is super popular to plant lovers and people who love to decorate their houses with plants


Plants are able to make your physical and mental health better. Studies have found that plants can increase your productivity and attentiveness by 15%. Plants have a great impact on your mood too. So, if you are a busy person, you would prefer indoor plants because of the fewer maintenance requirements.

This article is going to help you to know about the top 15 fast growing indoor plants. After reading this, you can choose your indoor oxygen friend wisely!

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