5 Easy Steps to Start Blue Rose Gardening in 2023

Most of the people do gardening for mind refreshing, but visual delight is also one of the intentions. And what can be more delightful than a terrace or garden full of colorful roses?

Now we will tell you exactly how to start blue rose gardening step by step.

How to start blue rose gardening featured?
How to start blue rose gardening featured?

Roses are connected with love and affection. It would be hard to find a person who doesn’t love this beautiful creation of nature.

There are different kinds of roses. But they are naturally seen mainly in three colors Yellow,  White and Red. They also adopt different colors according to their places. Among them, blue roses are quite beautiful and also have a public demand for gardening.

Naturally blue roses don’t exist,  it has to be created. Blue roses are very popular throughout the whole world.

Can you create Blue Roses yourself?

Yes, you can. You can create them in your own house. But for that,  you have to do some difficult tasks. At first, you have to grow a white rose. Then you have to buy an artificial blue color. After that, you have to mix those up. Eventually, the white rose will absorb the color and become blue.

The process is not that much simple as its sounds.  So some people find it too difficult. But don’t worry you can also collect dyed blue roses which are genetically moderated from plant nurseries or online. (Be careful of the fake ones)Always try to pick healthy ones. They can fight the germ and pests attacks well. Also, try to avoid those who have black or brown spots on the leaves.

How to start blue rose gardening step by step?

So the first step was to collect these samples of blue roses. Now I’m going to tell you step by step how to start blue rose gardening

1) Finding the right place to start blue rose gardening

You need to find a place to set up your garden. In that case,  you should know that blue roses prefer the sun to bloom perfectly. Plotted roses need 4 hours of sunlight a day. So choose a spot where sunlight is easily available (Don’t keep your plant always in the outdoor because it can get seriously damaged by excessive heat)

Can you grow roses in a pot?

Yes, you can. The pot you are using should have enough drainage holes because like other plants roses don’t hold water in their leaves. As a result, the soil drains easily so if the pot doesn’t have enough holes, the plant won’t be able to breathe.

2) Digging and planting

How to do the digging and planting?

If you are not using pots, then you have to dig the soil where the roots can be perfectly placed. While digging,  you have to make sure that there’s enough place for the roots to spread freely.

(The hole can be 60cm both wide and deep) When you are planting Multiple roses in order to set up a garden, make sure to keep a 2 or 3 feet distance so that they can grow comfortably. Also, try to water the roots thoroughly before planting to keep them moist.

Don’t forget to remove the stones and weeds you find in the soil while planting.

After planting, put a bunch of mulches in the soil so that the weeds and insects cannot grow easily.

3) Fertilization

In order to have good physical health,  roses need soil with good fertilizers and manure. The plants will struggle to grow without being fertilized.

How do you know which fertilizer is good?

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) are the three most important elements in order to improve the conditions of roses. So you need to buy the fertilizer that contains these.

So you need to make your soil fertile. You can also use decomposed compost instead of fertilizers. But in that case, you have to increase the Nitrogen level of the soil.

When to fertilize?

In the growing season,  you can do it every 2 or 3 weeks. You also have to fertilize the soil when the roses gain 4 to 6 inches in height. If you are growing your roses in pots,  you should use liquid fertilizers as they are quickly absorbed. You can also do a soil test. Remember the pH of 6.0 to 6.5 is suitable for the perfect development of roses.

You can also give the leaves foiler feed,  this liquid food will help to prevent diseases. It is generally given in the growing season.

4) Watering the roses

Try to water your plant whenever you see the soil towards it is dry. In summer,  when the temperature crosses 28°-30° c,  you have to give 22-30L water per rose in every week. Because with the rising temperature,  the leaves will absorb the water quickly.  But in winter 11 to 15 L water per week is perfect for the growth of the plants. Water your plants in the morning so that the leaves can get time to absorb.

Don’t damage your plants while removing weeds.

5) Pruning your roses

In order to grow perfectly pruning your roses is the most important task. In this way, you can remove the deadwood.

March is the proper time to prune your roses. You can also do it in the early spring. Pruning should be done 2 times a year. At first, you have to remove the shoots and weeds. You should also remove the damaged flowers so that the fresh plants can bloom freely.

You have to use sharped blades, scissors to ensure a clean cut. Trim back 1/3 of the plant in order to maintain the same size. The more you trim,  the smaller it will become. Always remember your intention of pruning is to have plants with healthy growth.

So remove or cut any close-growing stems. You have to ensure that the new plants grow horizontally. If you setting up a bush of roses,  you can prune them in a cup shape.

After pruning,  don’t leave any trimmed leaves, suckers, or dead heads of the plants around the garden. These wastes can cause various diseases.

Here are the 20 most important gardening tools that you need for your garden.

How to protect your roses pests?

You can use Systemic spray in order to prevent pests. By applying it, pests won’t be able to come close to your plants. Firstly use it when the plants are starting to grow.

You have to regularly check your plants to see if there are signs of pests like spider mites, mealybugs, and aphids.

When you see pests attack, you can use insecticidal soap to get rid of them. You can collect it from near gardening stores.  But if the problem is not that serious, you can simply protect the plants by cleaning them with a strong stream of water.

Besides pests,  you can see some black spots in the leaves. It is mostly caused by fungus. It might happen when your plants face excessive rainfall.

In that case, you can protect your roses by spraying fungicidal spray and remove the infected leaves.


So if you follow these above rules and techniques properly, you will be able to build up a beautiful blue rose garden. Don’t forget the weeds that grow up around the plants. Try not to damage your plants while pruning or removing weeds. 

Avoid chemical weed removers or Insect killers to ensure the proper growth of your roses. When the roses bloom,  you can cut them and prepare a pretty bouquet. You can then place them in freshwater and have them brighten up the room.

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