Are Spider Plants Toxic To Cats?+(What Happens If Cat Eats Spider Plant?)

Decorating your house with indoor plants can be very enjoyable work. Many people just love to grow spider plants indoors. But if you own cats or any pet, you must be worried if it’s safe or not.

In this article, you are going to get the answer to this question, are spider plants toxic to cats?

Your little buddy can show very curiosity towards your indoor plants. It’s difficult always to be cautious and look after your cat. So, if your indoor plant is toxic for cats, it can bring dangers.

It’s better to be careful before planting any indoor plants if you have pets.

Are spider plants toxic to cats
Are spider plants toxic to cats

What is Spider plant?

These are very popular for enhancing your home’s beauty. These plants produce small greenish-white flowers too. Spider plants can improvise the look of your house. The flowers are very pretty.

Spider plants can make the circumstance of your house very elegant. The leaves of these plants are thin and long. It will feel very easy to grow these plants indoors.

Are spider plants safe for your cat?

Toxic indoor plants can make your cat sick. Your small friend is often very curious. Cats try to taste plants out of curiosity. So, if your indoor plan is toxic or poisonous, it can harm your cat. Your cat can even die from the toxicity.

It’s very important to know if your indoor plant is toxic for your cat or not. So, you may also want to know are spider plants toxic for your cats or not.

Are Spider Plants safe for Cats
Are Spider Plants safe for Cats?

In the case of spider plants, studies have shown that this plant is totally safe for your cats. You may have heard that spider plants can create hallucinations. But this property is harmless for your cat.

But, it is advised to keep your cat away from these plants to avoid any kind of risk. Even though these plants are not deadly, the chemicals present in these plants can cause an upset stomach and other mild effects on your cat.

How can toxic plants harm your cat?

Spider plants are not poisonous to your cats, but many plants are. Poisonous plants can do numerous harm to your cat. Having these plants can cause many effects.

These plants can even kill your cat. Here are a few complications that your cat can face after having toxic plants:

  • Irritation in mouth, throat or full body
  • Inflammation
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Irritation around the mouth
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Constant vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Complication to breath
  • Inner discomfort
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Drooling
  • Choking
  • Constant Urination
  • Death

You can see how dangerous having toxic plants can be for your cat.

You should always be careful and keep your cat away from toxic plants. But how to do that?

How to keep your cat safe from spider plants?

You must take a few steps to keep your cat away from spider plants. This can save both your plant and your cat.

Keep Your Cat Safe
Keep Your Cat Safe
  • Keep your spider plants in a way so that your cat can’t reach them. Cats can climb on your furniture, so you have to place it up somewhere where your cat can’t climb.
  • You can make liquids with bitter substances. Cats are less prone to taste bitter things. Make bitter liquid material and spray it on the leaves of your spider plant. Thus your cat won’t get near your plants.
  • Along with bitter substances, you can also spray liquid that consists of cinnamon and vinegar. Cats don’t like the smell of this mixture.
  • You can also sparkle cayenne pepper. This is useful to keep your cat away from your plants.
  • You can place your plants in a separate room where your cats can’t reach them.
  • You can grow grasses suitable for your cats. They can play with those grasses and leave your plants alone.

What should you do if your cat eats a toxic plant?

Even though spider plants are not poisonous, your cat may show some symptoms after having these plants.

It’s better to take steps without taking any risks. You don’t want your little buddy to suffer.

You should take your cat directly to the veterinarian if any symptoms of toxicity show. Never try to induce puking without any professional help.

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Your cat is your best friend, and your spider plant is also a part of your daily life. You don’t want to harm either of these.

If this question arises in your mind, are spider plants toxic to cats? Read this article properly to know the answer to this question. This article will enrich your knowledge of some different essential things too.

It would be best if you never considered anything when it’s about your cat. You might not like it if your cat falls into trouble due to your careless behavior. Read this article and take steps to keep your cat and spider plant safe.

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