How Long Does it Take to Grow Grass? Easy Answer 2023

The time grass takes to grow is usually 7 days to 30 days. But some grass takes less time to grow than others. The time of growth has to do a lot with temperature, watering, and the placing of the grasses.

Let’s look at how long some known grass types take to grow from seeds and their requirements.

Time to Grow Grass
Time to Grow Grass

How long it takes to grow grass?

Kentucky Bluegrass

These types of grass seeds take 7 to10 days to germinate. They are tolerant of cold. But they need extreme watering and the light of the sun to flourish.

Tall fescue grass

These types of grass seeds take 7-12 days to germinate. They are cool-seasonal grasses and they need 2-3 times watering per week. They thrive in moderate shade.

Annual/perennial ryegrass

These types of grass seeds take 5-10 days to germinate. They are not very tolerant of cold weather. They also need frequent watering and need the sun to survive.


These types of grass seeds usually take 14 days to germinate. They are cool-seasonal. Also, they need frequent watering to grow.

Red fescue grass

These types of grass seeds take 12-22 days to germinate. They are cool-seasonal grass and require little water to survive.

Zoysia grass

These types of grass seeds take 14-21 days to germinate. They are warm-seasonal grass and require little water while under cultivation.

Other factors for the growth of grass


The ideal pH of the soil is 5.8 to 7.2 for cultivating grass. But warm-season grasses thrive in lower pH and cool-season grass thrive in higher pH.


Loam soil is best for the best growth rate of the grass. It has natural nutrients. Also, even when it has good moisture, it can do well-draining after watering. The natural airflow in the soil type is another reason it is so good for cultivating grass.

Soil for Grass
Soil for Grass


50°F and 65°F is ideal for cool-seasonal grass types to grow. On the other hand, 75-90°F is ideal for the growth of warm-seasonal grass types.

Best time to grow grass

Proper timing is a crucial factor in grass germination because the state of the soil depends upon the seasonal change. The most common question among grass lovers is what’s the best time for growing grass. Well, the season and the grass type determine the best time for grass seeding.

Warm seasonal grass

Spring is the best time for budding hot seasonal grass seeds. Because in that season,

  • The temperature of the soil remains consistent between seventy-five to ninety degrees, which is proper for growing this type of grass.
  • The temperature activates enzymes, which gives a natural growth boost to grass.

Cold seasonal grasses

The best time for budding cold season grasses is late autumn in fall. Because at that time,

  • The temperature swings between fifty to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit, making this season ideal for this grass type.
  •  The soil will still be warm enough because of summer, which will help to grow grasses longer.
  • Freshly planted grass seeds need proper moisture to flourish, and during fall season the soil becomes naturally soft and moisturized.
Best Time to grow grass
Best Time to grow grass

How long does it take to grow grass in summer?

There is no exact time period when the grass will grow in a particular season, but there are few preconditions to grow grass within six to eight weeks. Grass budding generally takes place within six to thirty days. For having a lawn full of long lush green grass, you have to patiently take care of it.

  • At first, keep in mind what type of seeds you are budding as there are two seasonal seeds. Normally the seasonal change determines when the grass will grow. So it is best if you mix the hot and cold season seeds together, in that way there will be grass in your lawn throughout the whole year.
  •  Another crucial factor for growing grass is the age of the grass seeds. For that, check the date on the back of the seed packet. If the seeds are old, then they will not grow. If you buy something which has been recently packed then the grass will sprout quickly.
  •  Planting the seeds in the right soil is a significant factor for the growth of grass. You need to make sure the soil is not too damp or dry and the soil needs to keep moisturized for having long grass.
Summer Time to grow grass
Summer Time to grow grass

Grass seed germination on top of the soil

Seeds germination in grass usually took 14 days to 28 days. But it usually depends on how you are taking care of the soil and when you are planting it. The maintenance of grass includes,

  • You can use soil that is naturally rich in nutrients.
  •  Use mulches to fertilize the soil. Scatter them in a thin layer. Because newly planted seeds need the moisture that mulches can soak in. You can use sawdust (.25 inch layer), shredded papers, etc.
  •  Don’t use too much seed in one place. Because that might lead to malnutrition in seeds.

If you fail to take these maintenance steps, not that your grass seeds won’t totally grow. But the rate of germination might drop and you will get less grass than the amount you have invested for.

Grass Seeds
Grass Seeds

How long after planting grass seed can you walk on it?

The state of your seed will determine the growth of grass. If the seeds are spring or summer seasonal, then after eight to twelve weeks you can walk on the grass and enjoy having lush greens under your bare feet. To enjoy these feelings of having lush grasses on your lawn, you can try these tips.

  • For having a proper and even grass bed, the seeds should be spread equally. Also, make sure you water it daily.
  • You have to wait for quite some time to walk on after planting seeds and do not walk on a freshly seeded area.
  • You need to at least mow your lawn two to three times before walking on it to maintain their growth.
Walk on Grass
Walk on Grass

Growing grass is easy because of their resiliency towards hard treatment. But if you want a fast growth of them, try maintaining the previously mentioned steps or you can buy already green grass and then cultivate them.

That way they will need less maintenance then growing from seeds. But that might be costly! So why not try these simple steps?

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