How To Grow Moss Indoors? 5 Easy Steps

 Moss is one of the most ancient plants on our planet. Moss grew on this planet about 540 million years ago. If you want to know how to grow moss indoors, this is the right place for you.

How to grow moss indoors
How to grow moss indoors

Moss is very greenish and gives your home a versatile look. It doesn’t need much care, so if you are looking for something youthful or green, this will be the best hassle-free plant for you. Moreover, it doesn’t require much water or fertilizer to grow. Growing moss is such a simple task that anyone can do it. But you will need some instructions and pieces of information to make it work correctly.

Can you grow moss indoors?

Yes, you can grow moss indoors. Not all of us have extra space outside our home and some of us love to grow plants indoors. For them, you can grow it inside your house, at it does not need any fertilizer and any extra care to grow.

Just arrange a damp and well-lit area for moss to grow, and it will be fine.

5 Steps to grow moss indoors

Now that you have known many things about mosses, it’s time to know how to grow moss indoors. It’s very easy to grow moss inside your house. Moreover, this is an enjoyable work to do with your family or children.

You won’t even need any insecticides or fertilizers. Without any further delay, let’s know the steps to grow moss indoors:

  1. Pick a pot or jar: at first, you have to choose a suitable jar or pot where you want to grow your moss. You can choose the jar size according to your choice. If you want to make a mass wall, choose a wall that you find suitable for growing your moss.
  2. Place soil: put soil for about 2 inches and spray water in it. You can use pebbles and charcoal for making it look classy.
  3. Collect moss: collect moss from roads or trees. Bring it in. It’s better not to collect moss from bushes. There grows plenty of mosses in roads, footpaths, walls, and under big stones.
  4. Plant the moss: firmly put the moss above the soil and pebbles. If it feels loose and fluffy, try pushing it harder until it sets in there. The moss will grow later on its own. It takes up to 5 weeks for a moss garden to fully develop.
  5. Decorate the place: you can put stones, fences to make a moss garden if you want. It relies on your choice. You can even create a moss wall following this way.

Everything you need to know about mosses

It’s better to know about something in brief before taking a step. Here I am going to tell you the basic things that you need to know about mosses.

Mosses fall into the Bryophyta division of plants. These are small in length and don’t produce flowers. Usually, moss grows in damp, wet, shady places like a mat. The leaves of this plant are simpler in comparison to other plants. Mosses are born with excellent absorption quality. It can absorb water like substances like magic. Furthermore, mosses have antibacterial properties.

How can we use mosses?

●      Mosses are being used worldwide for different purposes. Here are some of the usefulness of mosses:

●      In ancient times, African people used to use mosses for bedding.

●       People used to use mosses as insulation on clothes, boots.

●       Mosses are much being used in the medical sector for its fluid absorption ability.

●       People use moss plants to decorate their homes.

●       A type of moss plant helps in producing Scotch Whisky.

●       Mosses are being used as a growing medium for other modified plants.

●       Moss is used drastically in biotechnology.

●       Moss keeps the moisture of your garden.

Scientific benefits of moss

There is much scientific evidence that mosses are of great help for humankind. Here are a few of the benefits:

Air quality

Mosses can purify the air. Yes, it is true. Day by day, we are polluting the air of our environment, but mosses work as purifiers. Moss converts pollutants into its biomass. Thus moss improves the air quality of our nature and gives us healthy air to breathe in.

Enhances mood

Researchers found that a green environment can improve your mood and work quality. So if you keep mosses around your workplace, you will be amazed to see how these little plants can improve your work quality. These plants create a greenish environment and give you a calm and enthusiastic feeling.

Keeps you stress-free

When you feel stressed, have you tried walking in a place full of green plants? Plants and natural environments are proven to ease your anxiety and stress. Moss helps you in the same way.

In the presence of mosses around your workplace or home, you can live a life with less stress. A greenish environment is scientifically proven to stimulate your brain to produce happy secretions.

Cleans airborne dust

As I have mentioned above, mosses work as great air purifiers. It is colonized by different bacterias. These bacterias help to reduce airborne dust, aerosols, smoke, and fumes. So if you are asthma or lung cancer patient, this will be very beneficial for you.

Improvises your skin

Are you suffering from dry skin problems? Easy solution, learn how to grow moss indoors. Mosses keep your environment moist, and a moist environment helps your skin to keep its natural moisture.

How to take care of moss plants

As I told before, moss is really a hassle-free plant to grow. It doesn’t require much care. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have enough time to take care of the plants, moss will be the best plant for you to grow inside your home.

Even it doesn’t require much water or sunlight too. But one a week you can spray some water and give it some space to exchange the air. You can put the pot in the sun for one-two hours daily. If you can’t do that, you can keep it under a fluorescent lamp too.


Home decorations and garden decorations can sometimes be so costly and problematic. But growing mosses indoors is very easy and cost-effective. Mosses give your home a greenish vibe, which feels like walking into nature.

It will relieve you from daily chaos and anxieties. Now that you have learned how to grow moss indoors, apply this process, and grow your moss garden. I am sure you are going to like it.

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