Top 9 Best May Flowers That You Can Find This Spring in 2023

Flowers make the world full of life and color. During Spring we see all these different kinds of flowers make our planet more vibrant than ever. 

Today we are going to talk about 15 May flowers that you can find this spring.


Roses are undoubtedly the most popular flower in the world. With well over 300 species, roses are a very diverse family. They were first found in modern Colorado about 50 million years ago. However, now almost all the garden roses that we see actually came from China. 

There are various uses of rose. Most of the time roses are used ornamentally. It is because of its elegant beauty, in almost all the wedding and all other kinds of ceremony people use rose to decorate everything. 

Popular species of Roses

Rosa abyssinicaRosa alpinaRosa banksiae
Rosa acicularisRosa anemonifloraRosa beggeriana
Rosa agrestisRosa arkansanaRosa berberifolia
Rosa × albaRosa arvensisRosa blanda
Rosa alexandraeRosa azerbaidshanicaRosa bracteata
May Flowers
May Flowers


Dianthus Caryophyllus or Clove Pink is well known as Carnation. Carnations will be a great option for garden planting. You can use it for medical purposes too. For upset stomachs and fever, they are really useful.

There are different interpretations of the symbolism of carnation. But in general, it symbolizes love and fascination.

Popular species of Carnations

Dianthus CaryophyllusDianthus Neon StarDianthus Pinkball Wizard
Dianthus BarbatusDianthus PlumariusDianthus superbus
Dianthus Chinensis Dianthus Deltoides Maiden PinkDianthus Pavonius
Dianthus GrataniapolitensisDianthus Armeria Dianthus American Pie
Dianthus Chinensis HeddewigiiDianthus ‘Superstar’ (Pink)Dianthus ‘Everlast Lavender Lace’


Gerbera was named after the famous doctor Traugott Gerber. This flower is mostly used for decoration as well as for cut flowers. The most popular kind of it is a crossbreed among Gerbera Viridifolia and Gerbera Jamesonii.

Gerbera is the 5th most popular among the cut flowers in the world.

Popular species of Gerbera 

Gerbera ambiguaGerbera cordataGerbera elliptica
Gerbera aurantiacaGerbera croceaGerbera emirnensis
Gerbera bojeriGerbera curvisquamaGerbera galpinii
Gerbera bonatianaGerbera delavayiGerbera gossypina
Gerbera connataGerbera diversifoliaGerbera hypochaeridoides


Daisies mainly bloom in the mid-summer. However, given ideal condition, this flower can grow even in early or mid-winter. Although that would be significantly less than what it produces in the summer. 

Popular species of Daisies

Arctotis acaulisBellis annuaMonoptilon bellioides
Arctotis grandisBellis cordifoliaChrysanthemum indicum
Arctotis asperaArgyranthemum frutescensChrysanthemum morifolium
Arctotis revolutaArgyranthemum foeniculaceumTownsendia florifer
English daisyMonoptilon bellidiformeTownsendia incana


Orchids are a very famous flowering plant. It is one of the 2 largest families among the flowering plant with over 28000 currently accepted species. Orchids are used as both perfumery and food. They are widely used as vanilla to add flavor to baked cakes, ice creams, and many other foods. 

Popular species of Orchids

Phalaenopsis OrchidsCymbidium OrchidLycaste Orchids
Brassavola OrchidsDendrobium OrchidsMasdevallia Orchids
Catasetum OrchidEncyclia OrchidsMiltonia Orchids
Cattleya OrchidEpidendrum Orchids Oncidium Orchids
Cycnoches OrchidLudisia OrchidsPaphiopedilum Orchids 

White Lilies

They are also known as Madonna Lily. White lilies are introduced and cultivated for well over 3000 years. As old as this flowering plant is, white lilies are symbolic in many cultures. You will find the symbolism of this flower in many translations of the bible. 

In order to avoid viruses and diseases, growing madonna lilies from seeds are much more preferable.

Popular species of Lilies

Lilium amabileLilium dauricumLilium candidum
Lilium bulbiferumLilium davidiiLilium chalcedonicum
Lilium callosumLilium × hollandicumLilium bolanderi
Lilium cernuumLilium dalhansoniiLilium × aurelianense
Lilium concolorLilium hansoniiLilium auratum


Tulips were first cultivated back in 1055 in Tian Shan Mountains. In the 15th century, being one of the most expensive flowers of that time, tulips were used as the symbols of the Ottomans.

Though tulips were cultivated from the 10th century, the west didn’t know of this until it was the 16th century. After that, the diplomats noticed this flower and later introduced that in the west. 

Popular species of Tulips

Darwin Hybrid TulipsGreigii TulipsSingle Late Tulips
Triumph TulipsKaufmanniana Tulips“French” Single Late Tulips
Double TulipsLily-Flowered TulipsViridiflora Tulips
Fringed TulipsParrot TulipsSpecies Tulips
Fosteriana TulipsSingle Early Tulips

Cherry Blossom

Up next we have cherry blossom. Cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan. The mainstream species of cherry trees are found in Japan, China, Russia, and other northern countries. They are used as both ornamental and edible plants. There are well over 400 species of cherry trees.

Sekiyama, Oshima, Yoshino, Kenrokuen-Kumagai, Kwanzan cherry trees are the few most popular among them.

The ideal time for cherry trees is from the middle or end of April to the middle of May.

Popular species of Cherry Blossom

Prunus apetalaPrunus incisa var. kinkiensisPrunus × miyoshii
Prunus campanulataPrunus × introrsaPrunus nipponica
Prunus × furuseanaPrunus jamasakuraPrunus padus
Prunus × incamPrunus × kanzakuraPrunus × parvifolia
Prunus incisa var. incisaPrunus leveilleanaPrunus pendula


Peonies are popular garden plants in Asia, Europe, and Western North America. There are only a handful of species of this plant. However, the exact number of its species is still debatable. But it is somewhere between 25-40. 

Popular species of Peony

Paeonia anomalaPaeonia dauricaPaeonia mairei
Paeonia broteriPaeonia delavayiPaeonia mascula
Paeonia browniiPaeonia emodiPaeonia russoi
Paeonia californicaPaeonia intermediaPaeonia obovata japonica
Paeonia cambessedesiiPaeonia ludlowiiPaeonia officinalis

I hope this list of May flowers help you all. And if you have any suggestion regarding this article, let us know in the comment section below.