How to Water Bonsai Trees in 2023? Tips & Tricks

“Watering the flowers has never been so much fun.”

― Anthony T. Hincks

Water is life and by watering the bonsai tree you are keeping the flow of life alive. If you are a newbie in this bonsai world then a common question can arise in your mind which is how to water your bonsai regularly.

Also, another thing you will certainly want to know is how to water bonsai when you are on vacation. Whatever your question is, we are ready to answer. 

How to water bonsai?

Use a nozzle while watering bonsai, as it won’t put too much pressure on the soil. Putting too much pressure in one spot can cause the soil to wash away.

  • Water from above rather than from the side.
  • Water until you see the water running out of draining holes of the container.
  • Make sure the water reaches the roots of bonsai
  • Don’t over-water and stop when you see that water is building up rather than draining. 

Use rainwater if possible, as they have no harmful chemicals. You can also use a water purifier before using tap water.

If your tap water is safe, you can even use the water without purifying it.

How to water bonsai
How to water bonsai

When should I water my Bonsai?

There’s no particular time to water your bonsai. Water whenever the soil is dry. But avoid watering in the afternoon with cool water, as in the afternoon, the soil gets the sun heat, which is necessary for bonsai. The cold water will deem the effect of the sun on the soil.

How to water bonsai when on vacation?

Bonsai trees need a lot of care and attention. Every detail of the bonsai tree needs to be handled with utmost care. Even when you are watering the bonsai tree there are a lot of steps to be taken care of.

So you are maybe worried about leaving your bonsai tree alone when you are going on a holiday because your bonsai needs watering. 

You can leave your tension behind now cause in this article we are going to talk about the probable solutions you can take to take care of your bonsai when you are leaving home.

First of all, if you are going on holiday in winter then there’s not much to worry about but if you are taking a vacation in summer then you have to take the necessary steps. 

1. Automated Watering

Automated watering can be the best permanent solution if you are leaving for a long time.

A lot of bonsai owners around the world use it because of its convenience. The setup system of an automated watering system is very simple.

You just need to set up the hoses in a way so that they can spray water on your bonsai in an even way. 

Even though it is a good option to sprinkle water on your bonsai, you need to keep some things in mind.

The problem with it is not every bonsai needs the same amount of water so there is a risk of overwatering with the automated watering systems.

Also, it can be dislocated because of wind or some other thing so it needs to be thoroughly checked.

2. Using caring services

The best option to water your bonsai when you are not there is using a caring service. There are lots of caring services which will look out for the bonsai for you when you are away.

And not only just watering, but caring services will also provide many other services for your bonsai-like cutting the branches or leaves.

An automated system can cause various problems and you will be worried if it is watering your bonsai properly. But with the caring services, you don’t need to worry about any of these things.

You can check out all the local nurseries or gardens and see what kind of services they can offer to you and which is better.

3. People near you

Bonsai is not just a method of growing trees it can teach a lot of values. One of the great teachings of bonsai is helping each other. So you will find a lot of people who will be ready to help you. The community of bonsai lovers is very nice and their people help each other whenever they get a chance. 

So when you are going on a vacation you can give your bonsai to someone who also has bonsai trees. You can find these bonsai communities on social media and maybe in your local area.

The advantage of giving the bonsai tree to a local bonsai community is some experienced people will take care of your bonsai very well. So you don’t need to worry about your little friend anymore where you are on holiday!

Miscellaneous tricks

There is a simple trick you can use on your bonsai tree when you are on a vacation. You need to water your bonsai and wrap a plastic bag around it.

You should only cover the soil and pot, not the whole bonsai tree. Cover the plastic bag with a wire so that air can not get past it. 

By using this method you can make sure that the soil holds moisture. Also don’t keep the pot near the sun, keep it somewhere cool.

However, this is just a simple tip. It is better if you can find a friend or someone who can check out your bonsai regularly. 

How to water bonsai juniper?

Juniper bonsais are not fond of wet soils. It prefers more of a dry environment. So be mindful that you do not water your juniper bonsai too much. Also, be careful that it is not revealed to dryness for a long time. 

Juniper bonsai need a good drainage system and you need to allow the soil to dry before watering again. Juniper needs a certain level of humidity for its proper growth.

This humidity can be attained by spraying water on it regularly. You can set up a humidity tray for your juniper and it will make sure to mist your bonsai regularly.

How to water bonsai ficus?

Ficus bonsai is that kind of bonsai that does not like any sudden changes in their world. So you need to be extra careful while taking care of it. While watering the bonsai firstly you have to keep in mind that bonsais are not like normal trees. 

Normal regular trees do not get dry often but because of the small size, the soils of bonsai get dry quickly. So it needs to be watered thoroughly and misting is needed regularly. You need to be careful that you are not watering too much. 

Pay close attention to the bonsai in case it needs watering. The water you ficus bonsai thoroughly then let the bonsai take its time to absorb the water. If you think it needs more watering then do it but don’t water so much that the soil gets sticky.


A bonsai tree needs a lot of care and maintenance. And watering is a big part of the life of bonsai. A simple mistake can ruin all of your hard work.

So while watering your bonsai be extra careful. And try to stick to community or friend or family options while going on a vacation.